Linda Riseley



Growing up in a small town to a single parent family presented its own challenges for me

early in life. From an early age I was independent, working menial factory jobs to 

support myself through an education and the dream of a career. My awakening came 

while working in a chicken processing plant. The only motivator was to escape this trap 

and acquire an education. The long repetitive hours made more determined to pursue 

my dreams.  I now hold a degree in Computer Science and an Associate degree of Arts 


Eventually, unsatisfied with what the world presented, I spent over six months living at a 

Buddhist centre which changed my life, mindset and spirituality. This also gave me the 

clarity to recognise that art is not a choice but a calling.

I have had five successful Solo exhibitions and been part of well over 100 physical group 

events both nationally and internationally. Last year I showed in over 50 events!

My art has travelled far and wide from Melbourne, Sydney, London, Paris, New York, LA, 

New Orleans, Rome, Venice, Istanbul, Germany, Madrid, Barcelona to Uruguay, Rio just 

to name a few places!  

Also a long history of short films/projection art/animations/moving images that have 

been screened all over Australia and the world since 2006!

My work continues to grow and evolve pushing the boundaries at every opportunity.


Says the artist about whether:


I am influenced by Street Artists such as Bansky and Beejoir who fearlessly portray alternate views. Their courage inspires me to be fearless in expressing how I truly feel. 

These artworks are inspired by my personal understanding of the world I inhabits and my own journey. The poetic visualisations portray the essence of my experiences and are translated into artworks that aim to touch others emotions and speak to their very core. 

My work deals with deeply personal aspects of my life. I hope that my art goes beyond the borders of the human condition and speaks the truth in a universal way. 

Grinding away at the heart we search for the light within, clouded by deeds, thoughts, feelings of darkness and a blurred reality we look for our true self. 

I am dedicated and determined to make a difference in this world, my work is complex and intense. Images linger. The more you look, the more you are drawn into their hypnotic spell. On all levels, my work aims to resonates with the senses.


With five Solo shows and over one hundred Australian and international group shows my art has travelled

far and wide.  I aim to reach out and make a positive difference.  My art shows regularly in NYC, LA, 

Venice, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, London, and Melbourne. Highlights showing twice last year in the 

Louvre (Paris), Time Square billboard, Venice and being represented by LACDA gallery.


2002 Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science), University of Tasmania, 2011 Associate Degree of Arts, 

University of Tasmania, 2012 Cert lV Visual Art, TAFE Tasmania, 


2014, Alexander Museum Palace Hotel, PREMIO ART EXPO, Pesaro Italy

2013, Material Girl, People’s Choice Award, Australia

2013, Premo, Awesome Expo, Chrisolart Gallery & Queens Art Studio, Spain

2012, University of Tasmania Best Photographer Award, UTAS Gallery, Australia

2011, MyArtSpace Award, USA

2012, Feature Artist. Artists Wanted USA

2012, ArtSlant, Showcase Award, USA

2011, Stella Award DigitalArts California, USA

2011, ArtSlant, Showcase Award, USA


2013 Smithton, Tasmania, Australia, Digital Arts Hub, Tasmania, Australia, 

2010 Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne, Australia

2009 Solo Exhibition Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne, Australia, ArtsAlive Launceston, Australia

Group Exhibitions

2014, Alexander Museum Palace Hotel, Pesaro, Italy , Virion Bennalie, Australia  Soho Art House, NYC, 

USA, Art Monaco, Monaco

2013, Carrousel Du Louvre, THE LOUVRE Paris, France, Soho Art House, NYC, USA, 

Creative Rising, NYC, USA Chrisolart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, Mill Providore Gallery, 

Tasmania, Australia, Streets Alive, Tasmania, Australia, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, Los 

Angeles, USA, Carrousel Du Louvre, THE LOUVRE, Paris, France, Globa Art, Bari, Italia, 

Soho Gallery for Digital Art, NYC, USA, Material Girl, Tasmania, Australia, LACDA, Los Angeles, 

USA, Galeria de Arte, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (permanent display),ART EN FEMENÍ, 

Barcelona, Spain, Co-Lab Project Space, Austin, USA, Space Womb, NYC, USA, The Goat 

Farm Art Center, Atlanta, USA, London Underground billboard London, UK, Liquid Identities, 

Venice, Italia (at Carnival time!),Expose, N.O, USA (Super Bowl & Mardi Gras time a 

large billboard), Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, LA, USA, Material Girl year tour, 

Tasmania, Australia

2012, Falls Festival, Tasmania, Australia, Space Womb, New York City, USA, NAA Festival, 

Barceló’s, Portugal, Liquid Identities, Istanbul, Turkey, AIXÒ ÈS UN CIRC!!  ESTO ES UN 

CIRCO!!  Barcelona, Spain, PANORAMA MIX Barcelona, Spain, Billboard Art Atlanta, GA, 

USA, Billboard Art, IL, USA, Exhibition, Soho20 Chelsea, NYC, USA, Billboard Art, 

Albany, NY, USA, Space Womb Gallery, NYC, USA, Artists Take Time Square NYC, USA, 

University of Tasmania Gallery, Tasmania, Australia,  Kurt Seligman College, New York, USA, 

Take 1 Cinema, Portugal, 5Blanks, Wörthsee, Germany, Women in Art4 Travelling exhibition 

(Uruguay), Colorado Mesa University, Colorado, USA, Gift Gifts, Columbia, Spain, Museo 

Historico Uruguay  (Art & Film part of Museum collection), Women’s Secrets & Confidences 

Spain & Colombia, Art-Esencia - Cosas de Mujeres, Madrid, Spain, Art-Esencia , Barcelona, 


2011, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, Regional Arts Tasmania touring 

exhibition Tasmania, Australia, Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Burnie, Tasmania, Brunswick Street 

Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, Tap Gallery, Sydney, Australia, CAST Gallery, Hobart, 


2010, , pigmentGallery, Melbourne, Australia, St Patrick’s College Gallery, Ballarat, 

Australia, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia, Red Gallery Yarra 

Ranges , Australia, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, TAP, Sydney, Australia

2010,  pigmentGallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2009, , Brunswick Street Gallery, Gertrude Street 

Projection Festival Melbourne, Australia, 2008, ArtsAlive Gallery, Launceston, Australia

Public collections

Alexander Museum Palace Hotel Pesaro Italy, Brooklyn Art Library USA, Colorado Mesa 

University USA








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