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 Lilian Hicel was born in Mexico City, with no depth perception;when she began to paint in 2003 noticed that her paintings were missing the same thing she lacked of: depth and volume, realizing at that moment that BLIND people had no chance to see or live the emotions and what were captured in the paintings. 

Thus she began to emphasize even more all the lines and details,perfecting her Style, giving different textures and volume to details as well as to the emotions she was shaping.

  Lilian  Hicel captures and paints each trait lines and various feelings,  bringing with this  life to  her paintings, thus BLIND people only by caressing her work would communicate with art Art work and SEE what is reflected on them,  be able to FEEL and VIBRATE the emotions captivated when they were painted. This is how she created the Pictorial Style which 

Lilian called BLINDISM, designed and intended for the blind people.

Now Lilian has 32 different textures that represent feelings, emotions and moments in life such as: pain, anguish, fear, loneliness, happiness, hope, good moments in life, empathy, honesty, etc.

  Lilian’s paintings have 3 different ways to be seen that make them more valuable and appreciated: 

- through the hands  

- Normal  way 

- with 3D and Moiré effect and for 

  the people with sight

With her Art work Lilian wants people to experience: the art, give life to each instant of history and feelings, her art is passionate, evokes emotions, strength, and wind with the sea; enhances and penetrates the soul of the hero with death and the ideals by his feet.  Lilian Revolutionizes the painting because she yearns that ideal which captures and reflects the shed blood, the tears of hope; she carries in her soul and veins the fight for the welfare of others, leading and showing the letters to read "Freedom and Giving".

Her paintings say that  woman is courage, is life, hope, the fight, is part of the revolution and fight for freedom, is duality, the overwhelming love and hunted, the  woman is the red kiss , the flavour that wakes the senses, who loves until she becomes 

Lilian’s paintings  eroticize and passionate the history, the traditions and the emotions,  full of passion, strength; she idealizes and  convey the life and death, love and grief, pleasure and anguish, war and peace ... to show how we are the result of our rootedness to the traditions, history, education, values, experiences and emotions received for generations.

Lilian has created more than 426 pieces so far, each one is numbered and can not be faked, because she uses professional paints, she creates her own pigmentsand due to the different textures it would be hard to duplicate them.

More than 180 pieces of her Art Work have been donated to help people in need and various charities for children, adults with disabilities and people in need, in different parts of the World. Lilian Hicel is still donating her Art Work and participating in several exhibitions in different cities of the world.

Lilian’s painting have been at 57 exhibitions/ auctions in different parts of 

the world.




Recensione Critica Lilian Hicel


Le Opere  di Lilian Hicel sono state create in parte  come installazioni chiamate "tattili". Ogni elemento  dell’Opera rappresenta una  rilievo

Quasi a comporre  la frase, "l'essenziale è invisibile agli occhi",  da una citazione da "Il piccolo principe" di Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ...

Lilian ha chiamato il suo stile "BLIDNISM - INVIDENTISMO /CECITÀISMO".   


E con 32 strutture differenti che rappresentano sentimenti, emozioni, momenti della vita e dei valori, come ad esempio:amore, la rabbia, la paura, la felicità, l'angoscia, la pace, la solitudine.


Quando si parla di arte, abbiamo messo grande enfasi su un solo senso: la vista. Il messaggio è quasi che se non si può vedere, non si può vivere l'arte.

Ma attraverso il tatto i dipinti di Lilian aprono le porte ad ogni amante dell'arte, dove  utilizzando più di un senso viene fornita  una comprensione molto più ricca. .

Toccando queste Opere si può  acquisire una comprensione della loro consistenza, forma e di massa. 

E spesso l’Artista conduce lo spettatore con le sue mani sull’Opera in un percorso da fare insieme per aiutarlo a comprendere la composizione e i diversi dettagli del suo dipinto dando descrizioni dettagliate,  descrizioni che hanno anche a che  fare con i concetti di spazio, luce, oggetti, espressioni facciali e l'atmosfera dell'opera d'arte.

L’ilustrazione anatomica   viene  così portata fuori dai confini del mondo medico e viene utilizzata dall’ artista per portare un elemento umano ed emotivo  nel suo loro lavoro

L’Anatomia è una parte molto importante  della cultura pop e Lilian   trova all’interno di questa cultura modi innovativi per dipingere ogni singolo  personaggio e  svelare come funziona il colore, la sua  possibilità di utilizzo. Usa o il colore, o la mancanza di colore, per aiutare a determinare l'esperienza che sta cercando di trasmettere in ogni opera..

Cerca le forme essenziali e  i dettagli che può  incorporare nella pittura, costruendo così un "paesaggio" di una particolare esperienza.

Una serie di dipinti che ritraggono un momento nel tempo, attingendo i dettagli di personaggi  tavolta del deserto o di qualche tribu così ricchi di avvenimenti favolosicarichi di storia e di significato.

Tuttavia, i  suoi dipinti  cercano di andare oltre la loro origine e diventare davvero qualcosa di completamente diverso.



Lilian Hicel’s artworks have been were created in part as installations called "tactile". Each element of the Opera is a relief

As if they compose  the sentence, "what is essential is invisible to the eye", a quote from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ...

Lilian he called her style "BLINDISM - INVIDENTISMO / CECITÀISMO".

And with 32 different structures that represent feelings, emotions, moments of life and values, such as love, anger, fear, happiness, anxiety, peace, solitude.

When we talk about  art, we put a big emphasis on only one sense: the sight. The message seems to be that if you cannot see, you cannot live art.

But through  the touch the paintings of Lilian open their doors to every art lover, where using more than one sense provides a much richer understanding. .

Touching these Artworks you can obtain an understanding of their consistency, shape and mass.

And often the artist takes the viewer with her hands upon the work in a path to do together to help him understand the composition and other details of her painting giving detailed descriptions, descriptions that also have to do with the concepts of space, light, objects, facial expressions and the atmosphere of the artwork.

So  the anatomical illustration is brought out from the confines of the medical world and is used by the artist to bring a human and emotional element  in their job

The anatomy is a very important part of pop culture, and Lilian finds inside this culture innovative ways to paint every single character and reveal how the color works, its potential uses.  she uses the color, or the lack of color, to help determine the experience  she is  trying to convey in each work ..

She looks for  the essential forms and details that can be incorporated in the painting, thus making  a "landscape" of a particular experience.

A series of paintings depicting a moment in time, by drawing the details of characters, sometimes of the desert or some tribes, so rich of fabulous and full of history and meaning events.

However, his paintings are trying to go beyond their origin and become really something completely different.

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Lilian Hicel
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