Cristina Maya Caetano is Portuguese, born in Angola, lived in Mozambique for some years and presently lives in Portugal between the cities of Aveiro and Pinhel.

She is a writer, a plastic artist, an illustrator and a poet.

Cristina Maya Caetano artworks were inspired in poems that she created and to which, she then gave a breath of self-existence. She likes to use bold and vibrant colours, in a greeting to life and to nature. Exploitation of color, contrast between the abstract and the figurative printed on landscapes, images and characters that she invents are her favorite subjects alongside animals, flowers and plants. She also explores all of them in her illustrations of her stories where crayons, felt pens, oil pastels, acrylic, eco-lines are playing on paper that she uses for that purpose. For Cristina art is freedom and joy of the soul. She doesn’t hold to any artist current in particular, but the combination of Naif, Impressionism and Expressionism fascinate Cristina. The use of mixed techniques in the visual arts is also another of the components of her artwork, reflected in the paintings of her collection of children's books and trademark "Fadinha Lotus" (Little Fairy Lotus) also written by her and whose first two volumes were already edited in Portugal.



1992  BA in Regional and Urban Planning,

1996  Post-Graduation in European and Communitarian Studies

2003 Master Degree in African Studies.

2004 Monitor of Decorative Arts 

2010 - 2014 Illustration, Creative Writing, Art History, Storytellers, Theatre, and Movie participatIion.



Cristina has extensive professional experience, passing from Teaching, Development Agent, Service Director, Regional and Urban Planning Higher Technical.

Since 2005 Cristina has participated in several painting exhibitions in Portugal. Since 2011 she is represented by Vieira Portuense Art Gallery in various international exhibitions. She participated in art exhibitions in Spain; Germany; France; Italy; USA, Austria; Scotland; Sweden; Hungary; England; Japan; Portugal; Denmark; Switzerland.  

Concerning her writing activity (poetry, children's stories and novels), she has been chronicler of Abrantes Journal; Daily Journal of Aveiro; and FM Radio Aveiro; to the newspapers Pinhel Falcon and Online Root with the chronic “See and Feel” (2005-2012). She edited her first book “To Know the Theatre in Mozambique” in 2004. It was the first book about the theatre in Mozambique to be edited and it was based on the master's thesis of Cristina. She has edited two books of her childhood collection and trademark "Little Lotus Fairy" written and illustrated by her and the first of the collection Little Fairy Lotus - The Search which is available on with their own colouring book in three languages ​​- Portuguese, English and Spanish – With these books Cristina goes to schools and tells the story with puppets created by her accompanied by music. She also promotes activities with children and teachers around their books.

Since 2009 Cristina participates in poetic events, newspapers of poetry, and in ten books of poetic anthology.



2017 March, “Contemporanei nelle sale del Bramante” certification by Artist Merit  with my painting "Salt Body: Sea Body". Roma, Italy.

2017 March, "Spoleto Arte incontra New York", Declaration Criticism by  Elena Gollini by Artistic Merit. USA

2017 March, “Biennale International D’Arte Del Mediterraneo” certification "Ambassador of the art of her country" and admission parchment for Artistic Merit, with my painting "The Other Light" and "Salt Body: Sea Body". Palermo, Italy. EA.

2017 January,   "1st Prince of Salinas- Gattopardo” Art Critic Award 2016, with my painting "Being Free".  Palermo,  Italy. Studio Byblos -

2016 December,  International award "Grande Maestro 2016",  with my painting "Superation of Mind", Palermo, Italy. EA.

2016 December,   "ARTE IMPERO – Paris- Vienna - Rome" First International Trophy”, with my painting "Being Free”.  Also Certificate of admission with critical review of Paolo Levi, and  Parchment as Artist Merit. Roma, Italy.

2016 November, "The Best Modern and contemporary Artists 2016", commemorative personalized plaque with my painting " The brightness of the New Age",Vienna, Austria. Salvatore and Francesco Russo.

2016 November,  Parchment as Artist Merit  with critical review of Sandro Serradifalco and International award “Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi”,  with my painting "  The Brightness of the New Age", Florence, Italy. 

2016  September,  "European Art Museum", "nominative medal", Denmark and  Diploma - Certification "Ambassador of the art of her country", Denmark. Leif Nielsen.

2016 July,  Certificate of participation by merit artistic with recension critical by Paolo Levi  and Honorable Recognition - EA GALLERY CLUB, with nominative medal.  .

2016 June, "Italian Artist in the United States of America", Parchment as  International  Artist recognition, with my painting "Salt Body. Sea Body".

2016 June,  Distinction by "spicearte doti creative",  Certificate of valuation  and Recognition of the contribution of the "ARTIST D.O.C - Artisti su cui investire", with my painting "Embrace your inner beauty". Paolo Levi.

2016 May, "Biennale Riviera del Brenta", Parchment as artist recognition, with my painting "The Other Light". Francesco Saverio Russo

2016 May, “London Calling”, certification admission for artistic merit.

2016 April, International Award  and parchment for artistic recognition "Art History - Artista nella storia",  with my painting "Salt Body. Sea Body". Monreale, Italy. EA.

2016 April, "Attestatato Ammissior di merito",  "ITALIAN selezione D'Arte Contemporanea, with my paintings "Pure Essence" and "The Dream". Vittorio Sgarbi

2016 January 29, "1.º International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist", with my painting "Roses of the Soul for you". Florence, Italy. Salvatore Russo  and Francesco Saverio Russo.

2016 Honorary Member of the Organization "Accademia Italia In Arte nel Mondo"

2015 December 17, Special Award for Human Rights "Tribute to "Anne Frank" -Associazione Culturale Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo Brindisi, Lecce, Italy

2015 December 17, International Art Award "Il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini" - Accademia Italia In Arte nel Mondo, with my painting "Pure Essence"

2015 December 4, I International Noto Award – “UNESCO Heritage”, with my painting "Rainbow of the Soul".

2015 November, "The Best Modern and contemporary Artists 2015", commemorative personalized plaque, with my painting "Rainbow of the Soul", Edinburgh, Scotland. Salvatore and Francesco Russo.

2015 November, “SEGNALATI-PRIZE”, for the stylistic value, with my paintings "Without Body" and "Meeting of the Light". Edinburgh, Scotland. Salvatore Russo

2015 November, "Artista per l' UNICEF", mention for Artist Merit, With my painting "Etheric Creatures". Effeto Arte (EA)

2015 "Il Genio dell'Arte". Effeto Arte.

2014 “Artists Carrousel du Louvre”, Honorable Mention for Artist Merit, with my painting "Autumnal Flowers".

2014 “II International Biennal Art of Palermo”, Certificate of Admission for the Expressed Stylistic Value.



2016, "EUROPEAN ART MUSEUM",  Denmark, with my painting  "Pintando com a alma"  (Painting with the soul) -

2015, " MAMAG" Modern Art Museum in Castle Hubertendorf , Austria, with my painting  "Aqui e Ali" (Here and There)   -




March, "Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts”, USA


October 20-22, "Carrousel du Louvre", Paris, France. Curated by Heinz Playner.  

October 6-15, " XI Florence Biennial - eARTh: Creativity & Sustainability", Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy. 

June 16-18, "International Fine Art Biennial Basel", Basel, Switzerland. Curated by Heinz Playner.

Summer,  International Art Festival, Chelsea, New York, USA. 

May 20-24, "International Hartexpo 2017", Espacio 120, Barcelona, Spain. Curated by Francisco Torralba.

April 22, “Art Prize in French Riviera”, Cannes Palace Hotel,  Cannes, France. Curated by ArtExpò Gallery

April 21-24, "ART EXPO fair NYC", New York, USA. Curated by Art Arena Magazine.

April 15 - 22, "World Chiado Contemporary Art Exhibition - Lisbonna 2017", meetiNG art – Espaço Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal. Curated by Queen ArtStudio




March 26 - April 30, AADE Galeria de Arte, Pinhel, Portugal. Curated by Movement of poets of Pinhel (solo)

March  23-29, "Contemporanei nelle Salle del Bramante", Piazza del Popolo, Roma, Italy. Curated by EA.

March 18, "Spoleto Arte incontra New York", New York, USA. Curated by Spoleto Arte.

March 9-12, "Biennale internationale d'Arte del Mediterraneo - meART", Fiera del Mediterraneo, Palermo, Italy. Curated by EA.

January 29 - February 5, Officine  Baronali - Villa Lampedusa, Palermo, Sicilia, Italy. Curated by Studio Byblos. 

January 14- December, "Milan Biennale of Art 2017", M.A.D. Gallery, Milano, Italy. Curated by Alessandra Magni and Carlo Greco.


December 17, "Grande Maetro 2016", Palazzo Francavilla, Palermo, Italy. Curated by EA.

December 1, "Arte Impero", Palazzo Brancacci, work presentation and awards ceremony, Roma, Italy. Curated by EA.

November 19, "Arte Impero" and "The Best Modern and contemporary Artists 2016", Sternberg Palace, Viena, Austria. Curated by E, Salvatore and Francesco Russo. 

November 19, "Arte Impero", Sternberg Palace, Viena, Austria. Curated by EA. 

November 10-13, "Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi", Palazzo Ximenes Panciatichi, Florence, Italy. Curated by EA.

October 21-23, "Arte Impero", Carrousel du Louvre,  Paris, France. Curated by EA.

October 16, "Arte States" Video show with awards ceremony at Congress Hall with my painting "Salt body. Sea Body" and Video display  "ARTIST D.O.C - Artisti su cui investire" with my painting  "Embrace your inner beauty", Washington,  (USA). Curated by Caterina Randazzo and Paolo Levi.

October 13, "Arte States". Video show at Conference Room with my painting "Salt body. Sea Body"  and  Video display  "ARTIST D.O.C - Artisti su cui investire" with my painting "Embrace your inner beauty",  Manhattan, New York,  (USA). Curated by Caterina Randazzo and Paolo Levi. 

October 1-  December 2, "Arte na Raia", Ecomuseu de Barroso - Espaço padre Fontes, Montalegre, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense and Municipality of Montalegre -

September  17-30, "Adunanza", M.A.D. Gallery, Milano, Italy. Curated by Alessandra Magni and Carlo Greco.

September 2, European Art Museum (Galleri GAL), Denmark. Curated by Leif Nielson.

July 29, "Arte States". Video show in Hollywood at Conference Room of Hollywood Boulevard - with my painting "Salt body. Sea Body", and Video display  "ARTIST D.O.C - Artisti su cui investire" with my painting "Embrace your inner beauty", California (USA). Curated by Caterina Randazzo and Paolo Levi.

July 8-15, "EA Gallery Club", Palermo, Italy. Curated by EA

June 11-23, "In the Depth of Colours", Gallery T, Stockholm, Sweden. Curated by Interartex.

June 9-12,   "1ª Triennale dell’Arte Contemporanea Palaexpo – FIERA DI VERONA", video display  "ARTIST D.O.C - Artisti su cui  investire" with my painting "Embrace your inner beauty", Verona, Italy. Curated by EA, Paolo Levi.

May 31 - June 6,  "London Calling" in "The Crypt Gallery", Londres, England. Curated by Vittorio Sgarbi

May 13-14 "Tokyo International Art Fair", Omotesando Hills, Tokyo, Japan. Curated by GAA.

April 23-25, International"Biennale Riviera del Brenta". Mira, Italy. Curated by Francesco Saverio Russo.

April 8-28 "I Cimeira Luso-Galaica ", Castillo de Doña Urraca, Salvaterra da Galiza , Spain. Curated by Commissioners Monção Expo.

April 2-12, "Museum Complex Giuseppe Sciortino Monreale", Galleria Civica,  Palermo, Sicilia, Italy. Curated by EA Editore.

March 30 - April 8 ,  Exhibition "Independence Palace", Lisbon, Portugal. Curated by Poets Group and City Council of Pinhel.

March 12-26, "Art Spring Festival", M.A.D. Gallery, Milano, Italy. Curated by Alessandra Magni and Carlo Greco!cristina-maya-caetano/ctm2

February 20 - March 20 ,  "Arte Itinerante no Porto", International Art Exhibition at Vivacidade Space, Porto, Portugal. 

February 6-27, "SANREMO ARTE Virtual exhibition on monitor ",  during the famous "Song Festival of Sanremo"  at historic city. Sanremo, Italy. Curated by AD-ART.

February 6-19, "Budapest  Internation Exhibition",  Flux Galéria (this gallery is a member of The Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries). Budapest, Hungary. Curated by Interartex.

January 9-22, "Only Women", Quirinus Gallery, Koping, Sweden. Curated by Interartex.


December 17 - 24 January 2016, “FINE ART MASTERS PIECES”  at MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Castle Hubertendorf , Austria. Curated by  Heinz Playner,  Paks Gallery.

November 14 - December 19, "Arte Itinerante no Porto", International Art Exhibition at Beira Alta House, Porto, Portugal. 

November 14-16, “i SEGNALATI” International Contemporary Art in Edinburgh – Dundas Street Gallery, Scotland. Curated by Salvatore Russo.

November 8, "Artist for UNICEF". Mirror's room at the Politeama Theatre of Palermo, Italy. Curated by EA Editore . 

October 17-25, " X Florence Biennial - Art and the Polis", Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy. 

August 16-25, "Grand' Art Exhibition in Venezia", San Vidal Gallery, Venezia, Italy. Curated by Ad Art together with the 56a BIENNALE OF  VENEZIA.

June 19-26, “Miami Expo Art", Nina Torres Gallery, Miami, Florida,USA. Curated by The Global Art agency (GAA)

May 23 - June 14, “Kunst Rendez-vous”, Marzia Forzen Gallery, Berlin, Germany.  Curated by Javier Ramirex.

April 17-19, “I Biennial Barcelona”, International Art exhibition, Museo Europeo d' Arte Moderna (MEAM), Barcelona, Spain. Curated by Salvatore Russo, Francesco Saverio Russo and Sandro Serradifalco.

April 4 - May 2, “V Encontro Luso-Galaico", Chaves, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.

February 21 - March 3, "Guicciardini  Bongianni Palace”, Florence, Italy. Curated by EA Editore.

January 11- 25, “II Biennia lInternational di Palermo”, Palermo, Italy. Curated by EA Editore.


December 13- 3 January 2015, "Mistérios do Natal", Porto, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.

November 29 - December 11, International Art Exhibition "The Illusion of Reality”, at  De Marchi Gallery, Bologna, Italy. Curated by  Paola Trevisan. November.

October 25- 26, "Salon Art Shopping", Carrousel of Louvre, Louvre Museum, Paris, France. Curated by EA Editore and Consultany Studio Russo.

September 13-30, “I Encontro Ibérico de Artes”  Oropesa Castle, Oropesa,Toledo,  Spain. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.

September 6 - October 4, International Meeting " V Ao Redor do Touro",  Porto, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 

June 14 - July 5, III International Exhibition “Pintar o Porto”, Porto, Portugal.  Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.

March 29 - AprilL 26, International Meeting "IV Pontes Luso-Galaico", Chaves, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.


October 25- 26, "Showcase in Vienna" palais Schonborn/Moya Museum, Vienna, Austria. Curated by The Global A Art Agency (GAA).  

November, Collective exhibition of arts "Mulheres nas artes em movimento", Lisbon, Portugal.

October, " Mulher Migrante", Lisbon, Portugal. 

June 1 - September 1, "II  Internacional Bienal Mulheres D’Artes", Espinho Museum, Espinho, Portugal.

September 28 - October 26,  International Meeting " IV Ao Redor do Touro",  ASMAV, Guimarães, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 

March 2 - April 6,  "III Salão Internacional de Arte", Porto, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 

March, "III Encontro internacional Luso - Galaico ", Porto, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.


December 1 - 7 january 2013, "II Encontro Internacional Luso- Galaico", Porto, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 

September 2 - November 25,  International Meeting "III  Ao Redor do Touro", Montalegre Eco-Museum, Montalegre, Portugal.  Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 

June 2- 30, Collective exhibition of Art "Pintar o Porto”, Porto, Portugal.  Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 

March 31 - April 28," II Salão Internacional de Arte", Porto, Portugal.  Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.  


December 3-11, "Stock Off Arte",  Porto, Portugal. 

October 8- November 20, "Exposição internacional de pintura", Cultural Center of Sousel, Sousel , Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery.

February, International Exhibition “Inverno com as cores quentes da arte naif”, Cultural House of Paranhos, Porto, Portugal.

April 21 - May 20, International Meeting "II  Ao Redor do Touro", Cultural Center of Sousel, Sousel, Portugal.  Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 

March 12 - May 1, " I.ª Bienal “Mulheres D´Artes”,  Municipal Museum of Espinho, Espinho, Portugal. 


4 December 2010 - 2 January 2011, Annual Exhibition of AveiroArte, Morgados da Pedricosa Gallery, Aveiro, Portugal.

November 20 - 9 December 2010, International Exhibition “Outono Colorido”, 74 Gallery, Porto, Portugal. 

Several Collective and traveling exhibitions "Well want to Existence"; "Depths"; "Transmutations"; "Thoughts"; "Women look" and "Particularized Visions Of Mozambique" in several cities of Portugal:



2018, Art Book "International Polychromia ",  Palermo, Sicilia/ Italy. Curated by Dino Marasà. 

2018, February, Art Book "The First Berliner Art Book 2018", Germany. Curated by Gabriela Caranfil

2017 December,  Art Book  "CURRENT MASTERS III", World Wide Art Promtion (WWAP), New York, USA.

2017  October, Art Book  "International Art Festival", USA.

2017 April, “Art Prize in French Riviera”, catalog, Cannes, France. ArtExpò Gallery

2017 April, “World Chiado Contemporary Art Exhibition-Lisbona 2017”, catalog, Queen Art Studio.

2017 April, "World Chiado Contemporary Art Exhibition - Lisbonna 2017",Expoart magazine, Queen art Studio



2017 March, in the site QueenArtStudio Gallery, the link

2017 March, "Contemporanei nelle Salle del Bramante", catalog, Roma, Italy. Curated by EA.

2017 March, "Spoleto arte incontra New York", catalog,  USA. 

2017 March, “MeArt - Biennal Internazionale D’Arte del Mediterraneo”, catalog, Palermo, Italy. EA

2017 March,  "International Art Festival" link artist, USA.

2017 March, Art Arena Magazine in “artist directory ”; “Art fairs week” and “Global Voices”, USA. and

2017 January,  Art Book  "I. Prince Of Salina Gattopardo - Don Frabrizio section", General Catalogue of the Maestros, Italy. Studio Byblos. 10 pg pg

2017 January,  M.A.D. Gallery, Milano, Italy.

2016 December, "Premio Grande Maestro 2016", Catalog, Palermo, Italy. Curated by Sandro Serradifilco.138 pg

2016 December, "Primo Trofeo Internazionale Arte Impero. Parigi - Vienna - Roma". Catalog.  Curated by Paolo Levi. 139 pg

2016 November, Art Book  " THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS 2016”. Curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco S.Russo. 157 pg

2016 November, "Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi", Catalog, Florence, Italy.  Curated by Sandro Serradifilco. 194 pg

2016 October, Art Book  “ITALIANI”, Selezione D'Arte Contemporanea. Curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. 170, 325 pg

2016  October, Art Book "Polychromia 2016",  Palermo, Sicilia/ Italy.Curated by Dino Marasà. 70, 71 pg

2016 September, "Adunanza" , catalog, Milano, Italy. 15-16 pg

2016 September,  Art Book "European Museums", Denmark. 59 pg

2016  July, "EA Gallery Club",  catalog, Palermo, Italy.  EA. 13 pg

2016 June, Effeto Arte - "D.O.C. - Artisti su cu investire", Italy. 187 pg

2016 June, "D.O.C. - Artisti su cu investire", catalog, Italy. 147 pg and 272-273 pg

2016 June , "In the Depth of Colours", catalog Stockholm, Sweden. 11 and 26 pg.

2016 June, "Arte States" General  Artworks Catalog, EA, 132 pg. -

2016 May, “London Calling”, The Crypt Gallery, catalog, London, England. Spoleto  Arte. 172 pg

2016 May "Tokyo International Art Fair", catalog, Tokyo, Japan (book and online -

2016 April,  "Biennale Riviera del Brenta. The land of Canaletto ", General Artworks Catalog , 104 pg.

2016 April, "Art History", catalog. Curated by EA Editore, 174 pg.

2016 April "I Cimeira Luso-Galaica " - Expressões de cidadania no feminino na Região Luso - Galaica, catalog.

2016 April - June, Effetto Arte, section Maetri Selezione D'Arte Contemporanea, 147 pg.

2016 March, Art Book “MAESTRI - SELEZIONE D'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA”. Vittorio Sgarb, 165 pg.

2016 March 30, 1st Prince of Salinas- Gattopardo” Art Critic Award, digital and printed  first volume of the art book "Don Fabrizio". Studio Byblos.  

2016  March, Editoriale "Art Spring Festival", M.A.D Gallery, Italy. 5 pg.

2016 March, "Art Spring Festival" catalogue, M.A.D Gallery, Italy. 14-15 pg

2016, February, "SANREMO ARTE Virtual exhibition on monitor ", catalog, Sanremo, Italy. AD-ART.

2016, February, "Budapest Art Group Exhibition", catalog, Hungrary, interartex.

2016 January, “CENTRAL EUROPE FINE ART BIENNALE” , catalog,  MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria.  Paks Gallery, 34 pg.

2016 January,  Art Magazine "Art International Contemporary ",  EA Editore, Italy, 181 pg.

2016 January, "1.º International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist", General Artworks Catalog. Italy, EA Editore, 123 pg.

2015 December 17, “FINE ART MASTERS PIECES” , catalog,  MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria.  Paks Gallery, 16 pg.

2015 December 17, "Il David di Gian Lorenzo Benini" International Art Award, Official Catalogue, Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo. 137 pg.

2015 December, “I International Prize Città di Noto  - UNESCO Heritage" catalog, 123 pg.

2015 November, Art Book   " THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS 2015”. Curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo, 242 pg. 

2015 November, Art Book  "i Segnalati",  Edinburgh, Scotland.  Curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo, 29-32 pg. 

2015 October, "X Florence Biennale - Arte and the polis", Florence, Italy, 112 pg.

2015 "Artista per l'UNICEF", Effeto Arte, September-October edition, Italy, 101 pg.

2015 August, "Venezia 2015", International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Grand Art, Galleria San Vidal, Italy.

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2015 May,"Kunst rendez-Vous", Berlin, Germany.

2015, "Il Genio dell'Arte", Effeto Arte, March- April, Italy, 160 pg.

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2015 "II Biennale Internazionale Art di Palermo", Generale Artworks Catalog, Italy, 620 pg.

2014 "Bollettino dell'Arte", Effeto Arte, November-December edition, Italy, 267 pg.

2014 "Artists Carrousel" du Louvre, France, 172 pg.

2014 "Interview", magazine "Entre portuguesas - Associação Mulher Migrante/20 anos", Portugal 12-15 pg.

2014 "The Ilusion of Reality" catalog, Galleria de Marchi, Bologna, Italy, 38-39 pg.

2013 "Vienna Showcase" Int. Exhibition of Contemporary Art, catalog, Austria, 24 pg.

2013 "II  Internacional Bienal Mulheres D’Artes",  Municipal Museum of Espinho, Espinho, Portugal.

2011 "I Internacional  Bienal “Mulheres D´Artes”,  Municipal Museum of Espinho, Espinho, Portugal. 

2009 "Colectiva Anual dos Artistas do círculo AVEIROARTE", Morgados da Pedricosa Gallery, December edition, Aveiro, Portugal, 16 pg.

2005 "Exposição Anual do AVEIROARTE",  Morgados da Pedricosa Gallery, November edition, Aveiro, Portugal, 16 pg.



2016 Registration to the Register of International Contemporary Artists

2016  January,  My painting "Illusions"was the inspiration for the  painting "Races illusions" of Fabio Santos, Carregal do Sal student. Exhibition "Arte Itinerante no Porto". Beira Alta House, Porto, Portugal. 

2015  My artwork in the Studio Byblos -

2014 Coverand  illustrations of the book "22 Apprentices and the Master." – 7.º A. Secondary School Ovar.

2014 Cover with the painting "Love to Life" for the book " Collection of shiny texts." 12 º CTB. Júlio Dinis Secondary School.

2014 Cover of the book "Women Migrants" with her painting "Here and There" along with paintings of other artists.

2008  "Panel commemorating the 60 Years of the Human Rights" along with other artists , exposed in the railways station of Aveiro, 2008. Portugal.



2017, "ART EXPO fair NY",  USA. Curated by Art Arena Magazine.



2017, "“World Chiado Contemporary Art Exhibition-Lisbona 2017” //

2017,  "Villa Lampedusa video projec", Palermo, Sicilia, Italy. Curated by Studio Byblos2016 "Contemporanei nella città degli uffizi - 2° parte" - -   At 3:17 a.m., with my paintings "Pure Essence" and "The Brightness of new Age" 
2016 "Arte Impero", Sternberg Palace, Paris - Viena - Roma. Curated by EA.  At 3:40 a.m., with my painting "Embrace Your Inner Beauty"

2016  "Arte States" , awards ceremony at Congress Hall and  "ARTIST D.O.C - Artisti su cui investire" , California-  New York - Washington (EUA). Curated by EA. –At 2:15 minutes, with my painting "Sea Body. Salt Bodyl"

2016  "London Calling" , Crypt Gallery, London, England. Curated by Spoleto Arte. 

2016  Tokyo International Art Fair 2016 -

2016  "Sanremo Arte Virtual", Sanremo, Italy. Curated by  AD-ART.

2015 "Artista per l'UNICEF",  Palermo, Italy. Curated by Effeto Arte

2015 "Venezia 2015", Galleria San Vidal,  Italy. Curated by AD-ART.

2015 "The Miami Art Expo", USA. Curated by GAA.



2017  January - Decemberr,  " Milan Biennial of Art 2017 ", Mad Gallery, video about my painting "Embrace your inner beauty – Abraça a tua beleza interior" by art critic Carlotta Biffi. Milano, Italy. 

2016 November, Interview "Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi", with divulging by web channel of Effeto Arte, in Palazzo Ximennes Panciatichi, Florence, italy.  Curated by EA

2016  September,  "Adunanza", Mad Gallery, video about my painting "Roses of the Soul for you - Rosas da alma para ti" by art critic Virginia Angius. Milano, Italy.  

2016 March,  "Art Spring Festival", Mad Gallery, video about my painting "Overcoming of mind - Superação da mente"  by art critic Marta Pisani.   Milano,  Itay. 

2015 October,  Interview "X Florence Biennale" with my paintings "The Dream" and "Open you Heart"-

2013 October,   Interview " Vienna showcase",  Austria. Curated by GAA. -



2016  “ONLY WOMEN” in the Quirinus Gallery , koping, Sweden. It is a exhibition women for women, with a humanitarian cause for the “Women’s        Shelter of Koping” -

 2015 "Artista per l'UNICEF" - "project for Nepal’s children".  Their schools have been destroyed or seriously damaged by the two earthquakes that stroke    the Asian country on the last 25th of April and  12  th of May 2015. Unicef, in collaboration with Nepalese department for education and with other  partners, to bring back children to school as soon as possible, giving the guarantee to furnish safe buildings  and the right psychological assistance. - more about the curriculum of Cristina




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