I studied fine arts after working in law, diplomacy and university research. Born in
Quebec, I lived in Montreal, Berlin, Toronto, Moscow and Michigan, in the United
States. Since 2008, I have lived in Outaouais, not far from Ottawa.
I worked for two years in Moscow, as a Canadian diplomat, from 1984 to 1986.
Russia was then still part of the USSR.
It was a turning point in my life. This experience inspired me and led me towards art.
After completing my term in Moscow, I left the civil service. Back in Canada, I enrolled in
the Fine Arts program at the Ontario College of Art (now Ontario College of Art and
Design University) in Toronto. I graduated with honors in 1991 and have been working
as an independent artist ever since. I now live in Luskville, Quebec, and I works as an
independent artist.


Fine Arts

In 1989, at the start of my studies in fine arts, I already had an impressive portfolio. In
fact, I had thought about becoming an artist since I was a teenager, but at the time, I
wasn't sure I had enough inspiration, and I was encouraged to choose a more lucrative
profession. By my early thirties, my life had completely changed. Studies, travel,
diplomacy, and what life experience brings, increased sensitivity to my environment. It
seemed entirely appropriate to express the richness of this journey through art. I was
ready to answer the call of my youth. I now had a lot to say. All I needed was to learn
the language of art.
My training
The Ontario School of Art and Design in Toronto enjoyed an enviable reputation for the
quality of its fine arts program. It was an excellent choice for me. I enrolled there in
1989, at a time when there was still a lot of emphasis on traditional studio teaching. In
addition to the regular program, as part of independent studies, I had the privilege of
studying with renowned artists, specialists in traditional techniques. I thus deepened
several aspects of artistic practice: color theory, composition, advanced drawing
techniques, to name just three.
My artistic practice
At the end of this excellent training, I had the necessary foundations to create, on
canvas, what I had always wanted to create: a plausible expressionist world with a
coherent and harmonious structure. This meant that I now knew how to paint from
carefully crafted compositions where each element is deliberate. It also meant knowing
how to use a minimum of colors to achieve maximum effect, according to the laws of the
color wheel.
My mission
As I explained in a Radio Canada documentary in 1996, my mission has remained the
same throughout my journey: to create works of art accessible to all. The titles of my
paintings and drawings are part of the work and through them, I offer keys to decipher
its meaning. I want to convey a message in each work. Humorous, critical or unusual.
What each person interprets is very personal. But the message is coherent, there is
structure and discipline. Nothing is left to chance. All components work in harmony. All
the works tell a story, and they all have meaning.
Art has a unique power to transcend the boundaries of language and culture, resonating
with viewers on an intellectual, emotional, and even political level. Denyse Goulet, a
professional artist and the Director of Les Ateliers Goulet Inc. since 2022, is a testament
to this profound potential of art. Her journey as an artist has been marked by a
commitment to abstraction and expression, which challenges viewers to engage with
her creations on multiple levels. (...)


Denyse Goulet is an artist of undeniable talent who has managed to create her own
unique style in the world of figurative art. Her works, created using techniques such as
oil painting and pastel, stand out for their ability to go beyond realism and naturalism,
offering a completely new form of representative art.
What strikes most about Denyse's art is her ability to transform the visible into an
imaginary world, thus expressing the deepest feelings one experiences in the face of
reality. Every time one observes her creations, there is a sense of being catapulted into
a parallel universe, where anything can happen and where one seems to be personally
involved in her visual storytelling.
Her bold use of colors and skillfully created lines opens the door to an inner world that
awakens and stimulates the imagination. One distinctive feature of her style is her ability
to harmoniously combine contradictory elements. In a single artwork, I can find both
organic and synthetic, abstract and figurative elements. This delicate balance creates a
sense of tension and contrast that gives her works a dynamic and fascinating quality.
Additionally, I appreciate the courage with which Denyse pushes the boundaries of
imagination and challenges traditional artistic conventions. This continuous
experimentation demonstrates her passion and dedication to art, but above all her
willingness to express herself in an authentic and innovative way.
Her imaginary world offers a momentary escape from reality and allows the discovery
and confrontation of the deepest emotions. Her art reminds me that imagination knows
no limits and that we are capable of creating wonderful worlds even in the most difficult
situations. Denyse's art is a hidden treasure that deserves to be discovered and
appreciated. Her work leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, opening the doors to a
universe of unlimited emotions and creativity.
One of the things I admire about the artist is her love for stories and narratives. The
fruits of her art seem to tell a story, eliciting the interest and curiosity of the viewer. Each
painting seems to reveal a new chapter of a book that only the artist fully knows.
Furthermore, Denyse's art invites critical engagement. Her themes may appear
irreverent, but they hide a deep message that pushes the viewer to reflect and ask
uncomfortable questions about the reality surrounding them. If one observes her
creations over time, they will realize her ability to relax the eyes while stimulating
reflection. It is a true sensory journey that engages emotions, thoughts, and visual
Her ability to play with colors, shapes, and textures is surprising, and each artwork
conveys a unique energy, inviting us to get involved, to be surprised, and to let art lead
us towards new horizons of creativity.
I invite all of you to observe her creations: you will certainly be fascinated by the beauty
and originality of her works.

December 2023
By Maria Grazia Todaro Art Director and Critic at Queen Art StudioGallery
International Art Exhibition Center Riviera Tito Livio 31-35100 Padova tel +39 3346447738


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