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The journey is the reward – In this sense, my paintings are born out of great passion.

Nature in its infinite variety and beauty has always been my source of inspiration and it

keeps providing the impulse.

The need to express myself artistically gives me the opportunity to let go and let my

feelings run free.

My artwork emerges from many different ways of expression.

My abstract paintings are reflections of both my emotional experiences and my mood in

the very moment of artistic creation. While examining my paintings I feel as if more and

more resonances emerge.

When I practice such intuitive art of painting I experience a kind of encounter with my 

self and many pantings are created out of this emotion.

Characteristic for my artworks is the Harmony of Shape, Color and Graphyc-
Linear elements.

If you find my pictures attractive or if you feel touched and inspired by them, then you are

close to me.




I was born 1964 in Skopje – Macedonia, since 1988 live and work in Switzerland.


1969-1988 Studied and accompanied from Makeski Jordan (in Memory)-my Father - Academic Artist

1986 Artistic Residence in Greece

1988 Artistic Residence in Algarve - Portugal

1999 Artistic Residence in Halkidiki - Greece

2003 Artistic Residence in Ohrid - Macedonia

2008–2011 Artistic Residence in Biograd na Moru - Croatia

2012 Study by Claudia Eichenberger in Basel - Switzerland

2012 Study by Christine Zeh in Muenchenstein - Switzerland

2013 Artistic Residence in Malaga - Spain

2014 Artistic Residence in Costa Brava - Spain (Study by Alvaro Castagnet

 Artworks in public and private collections.


2014 Power of Earth- Solothurn Kunstmuseum – CH

2014 Roses - Costa Brava- E

2014 Swiss Art Day- Münchenstein- CH

2014 Gallery Bukefal- Ohrid - MK

2015 Gallery Dikmayer- 17 International Contemporary Art (1-st Exhibition- Mai) -Berlin- D

2015 Gallery Royal Opera –Expo contemporary Art - London – GB

2015 in conjunction with 56 Biennale di Venice – Venezia Open Art – I

2015 Gallery Flyerart - International Art Expo (1-st Exhibition- Okt)- Rom – I

2015 Gallery Flayerart - International Art Expo (2-nd Exhibition- Nov)- Rom – I

2015 Gallery Dikmayer- (2-nd Exhibition- Nov) - Berlin- D


2014 “ Solothurner Woche “ Nr. 41 9. Oktober 2014 

2014 “ Gundeldinger Zeitung “ 3. Dezember 2014

2016 " Maria Grazia Todaro" March 2016



The vibrant and colorful world of the paintbrush-wielding artists, prosaically known as painters, draws the distinction between two opposing species: those who work from a given idea and those who work from spontaneous intuition. Where the former seeks to translate a clearly formulated concept into artistic reality through the use of sketches and studies, the latter trusts to the oft-times convulsive emotional surges that guides their hand and leads

them to pick up paintbrush and canvas. In the process of this eruptive-emotional outburst the motif slowly takes shape as the pictorial figure appears.

The Macedonian artist Makeshi Goran, born in Skopje in 1964, undoubtedly belongs to this latter grouping. During his initial artistic development, he found an invaluable teacher, assistant, and adviser in his father Jordan, an artist in his own right. This relationship continued even once Makeski came to believe he had found his own artistic voice.

But at what point can an artist really claim to have found his or her own voice, even after they have found what is generically called their own style?

Numerous artist residencies have shaped Makeski’s artistic career. These have led him to locations all along the Mediterranean and European coastline. His personal affinity for the sea and its shoreline quickly becomes evident to any observer of his work attuned to this artistic sensitivity become color. He has successfully completed various residencies, study programs, and workshops, for instance with Christine Zech in Münchenstein (Switzerland) andwith Alvaro Castagnet on the Costa Brava. With the exception of the Alpine realm that he has made his adoptedhome, he has favored working locations with some kind of maritime connection.

While it is certainly correct to classify Makeski as an abstract painter, this description falls short of his artisticpractice. Where his sensitivity dictates, his artwork will follow a path that can indeed culminate in representationaland naturalistic motifs. Such is the case with the watercolor “Sunset” (2014) or the acrylic painting “Surf ”(2014).

Currently his work has followed a path that has led him to the Berlin Gallery Dikmayer Berlin Mitte afterexhibitions on the Costa Brava (Roses), at the Solothurn Art Museum (Power of Earth), and at the Swiss Art Day in Münchenstein.

As for the tools of his trade, Makeski clearly knows the materials he prefers for his abstract work. These include paper of different type and quality and above all watercolor. However, this does not mean he will disregard the classical stretched canvas. But his evident love of paper and watercolor clearly speaks to his background as a trained

draftsman and from which he gains a direct and immediate relationship to these materials. This is especially true of his preference for the surface of refined paper that at times even appears to have vintage qualities.

The discreet and sensitive custom frames of the Gallery Dikmayer Berlin Mitte further heighten the expressive force and effect of his paintings.

To turn now to the cardinal question that can no longer be contained: how and in what way can the motifs of Makeski speak to me, the observer? Which of my strings do they pluck, where do they strike a chord? Whenever I come before his figures as they writhe and twist and mingle, even repel and rebuff one another, I find myself entering, strangely touched and moved, a magical realm of mythical creatures and cursed fables, their faces changing continuously.

At times I am reminded of the long forgotten encounters with the wood spirits of my childhood days: the ivy-crowned elves and kindhearted fairies, the cunning gnomes, wily trolls, and wicked dwarves. Other times I find myself recalling trysts with gold-locked mermaids that glide across the sea on clouds of foam or rememberingencounters with nymphs and water-spirits such as the beautiful Thetis or the mysterious Cretan Princess Ariadne, thedaughter of King Minos. However, not all these encounters unfold quite so harmlessly, for the sea is full oftreacherous even vengeful and bloodthirsty sirens, Medusas, or gorgons, as seem to appear in Makeski’s latest work“Triptych.”

Woe betides the viewer who comes too close to these grotesque creatures of the ocean depths! Or who approaches moody, cantankerous Kynops, that unloved brother of the mighty sea god and whom he cast into the ocean in anger near Patmos, there to churn the waves and toss the waters, throwing up terrifying whirlpools that ever since threaten

to devour all and sundry.

These indeed are the poetically internalized pictures and motifs that a Makeski can cast before the attendant observers with his textured and trembling swathes of color to elicit a sense of warmth and happiness or even a frosty feeling of frightful horror. There is nothing left but: look and marvel at this miraculous world that Makeski conjures.

It is worth it, not least for those young at heart, for they do not age.

Most recently the artist showed a total of eight works of different shapes and sizes at the 17th International Art Fair Berlin. These works, mentioned in the text above, were on view at the exhibition center Fischerinsel-Passagen of theGallery Dikmayer in the heart of the German capital.

Dr. Bernd Gottberg, Curator at the Berlin Galerie Dikmayer




Goran Makeski has an international reputation

He is an artist working on a wide range of works – each one is added to another one – each 

one offering something unique – each one representing a challenge for the artist – each one satisfying and stimulating, at the same time, the spectator. 

Working by the watercolor technique, this artist of extraordinary talent has progressed… 

something special comes out from his mixture.

His artistic life represents a journey, one step performed after the other which immediately 

brings to the next one.  

You will find some works celebrating our natural world and transcending it, and the endless 

magic that creates every day by changing light. 

Besides that, you will see an artist willing to represent daily aspects of life, attracted by spaces we build for ourselves and by how we navigate in our world through these spaces.


He is interested in ordinary aspects of daily life, his purpose is to leave a heritage of images 

that, once they are put together,  send back to partial views of certain things which are 

important for life of every person.

His final objective is to make image become a so unique thing with its means, so as it seems to flow on page – lines express the absolute flow and energy which are intrinsic to the picture, its colors have a translucency, a brightness and an intricacy to transmit their own vibrations, and his pictures are strong enough to represent his ideas with clarity and attention. Translucid quality of his watercolors is excellent. 

Above all, he wishes to communicate outwards its core with all its incongruous particulars or undefined details which are indeed in a second place as regards sensations expressed by 

power of his images’ tones. 

When he paints, his objective is not that of producing recognizable shapes. State of mind, 

atmosphere, light and colour are much more important for him.

His actual style, which has changed over years, aims to eliminate details and to underline 

effects of the sky’s cadence or of the light on ground or on water.


Therefore, he can be simply inspired by a simple colored band on a shadow or a cloud’s 

border, or by a lively color on the horizon, which calls to mind shapes and remembers other 

places, other times and other tales on experienced or described stories, just grabbing on to 

styles and materials.

Flexibility and touch of his brilliant watercolor are exciting and it is as if he wanted to defy the spectator in creating some surprises and unexpected sensations.


His painting is easily understood and it intentionally tries to overtake regulations and rigid 

and methodical theories of technique; but it certainly succeeds in a funnier way. In this way, 

he offers the opportunity to play with shapes and to create unique effects, everything is made without distracting the spectator from images created by mixtures of color which uncannily materialize from nothing and which contain hidden interiors and inexplicable levels.


His works are made, in a simple manner, direct and natural thanks to his gestural ways 

revealing his deep interest in painting.

Thus, we can see behind what he shows us and let us see interpreting our experiences and our perceptions, the creation of a unique canvas, just for us.











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