Dragoș Mihai Dobocan
 is a 10-year-old young artist from Oradea, Romania, who has been painting since the age of 5. Between October 20-23, 2023, he had his first international exhibition at the International Contemporary Art Salon at the Carrousel de Louvre in Paris.

In Paris, he exhibited some of his more than 150 works made from the age of 5 until now. Most of Dragoș Mihai Dobocan's works are made in acrylic, the favorites of the little painter, but also some in watercolor.

The subjects that Dragoș paints are close to his soul: flowers, animals, houses, portraits, landscapes...

The little artist participated in the fall of 2020 in his first international competition – “Dessine-moi ton reve de paix" (Draw your dream of peace), organized under the auspices of UNESCO, by the Romanian Section Saint Germain en Laye Conseil International de la Danse (CID ), where he won the first prize, in his age category (6-10 years). The award-winning work represents the planet Earth as a wonderful flower, surrounded by a garland of flower-men and other flowers chained around the globe.

He also won the "Young talent" award in 2022 at an international painting competition organized by the Ecole de la Loire.

Until now, Dragoș has had VI painting exhibitions in Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Sinaia - in Romania, and in Paris (France). Dragoș Dobocan attends painting courses at the "Enchanted Gloves" Workshop, at the "Francisc Hubic" Art School in Oradea and at the "Marina Căpățînă" Academy of Arts in Bucharest.



Dragoș began painting at the age of 5 in the painting workshop "Enchanted Hands" - coordinated by Professor Alina Delia Pocian. He started with a seascape and since then he has created almost 50 works. He has two favorite pieces: "The Owl," seen as a symbol of wisdom, and "The Canary," symbolizing the sun, the warmth of the soul, and light. He loves canaries because they are cheerful, intelligent, and (en)chanting – in fact, Dragoș has two canaries at home.

He enjoys traveling, hiking, and loves flowers and nature in every season, which is why many of his works are inspired by nature. "At the age of 6 - in October 2019, we organized his first painting exhibition at the Wonderful House," says Mrs. Crina, his mother, attended by children (friends and classmates), as well as adults.

"Draw Your Peaceful Dream" - first prize (in Paris) In the fall of 2020, he participated in his first competition - "Dessine-moi ton reve de paix" (Draw Your Peaceful Dream), organized under the auspices of UNESCO, by the Romanian Section of Saint Germain en Laye International Dance Council (CID), where he won first prize in his age category (6-10 years old). The results of the competition were announced on Christmas day, but we didn't follow them. Professor Livia Mircea from the National Emanuil College Gojdu sent us the link with the results, and it was a real joy for everyone, especially because we discovered the result on his birthday, December 27. So it was a nice Christmas and birthday gift. The international drawing competition jury consisted of: Daniela Brosset Maier (Romania-Hungary), Muhadin Kishev (Spain-Russia), Omar Godinez (Cuba-Russia), Jacqueline Diana Moss (England), Eliana Bantchev (Bulgaria), Asmar Narimanbekova (Azerbaijan), Eric Garnier (France), Abdelkrim Benbelkacem (Algeria), Frederic Ferblantier (Morocco), Sandhya Mishra (Nepal). Daniela Maier is the delegate of CID for Romania, while the competition was coordinated for Romania by Professor Rodica Turcaş from the Theoretical "Aurel Lazăr" High School.

Professor Daniela Maier, CID delegate for Romania, said about the winning painting: "This representation of peace, calm, tranquility, and love belongs only to innocent souls, unaffected - yet, by life's experiences. It's characteristic of childhood. That's why I selected it. The flowers (everywhere in the world) have the face of a child. The mother flower is the Earth! What could be more beautiful?"

Participation in the "Smart Romania" competition Dragoș also participated in the "Smart Romania" competition organized by MENSA Romania on the occasion of Romania's National Day (2020).

"Through painting, he expresses his emotional states. Painting is also his way of relaxing. He is passionate about painting, music, math, and sports (skiing, skating, swimming, and tennis). In addition to painting, he studies popular music singing with Professor Ovidiu Lazăr at "Enjoy Music," says Mrs. Crina.

In March, the second painting exhibition We learn then that "if the weather permits, Dragoș will organize his second painting exhibition in March of this year."

What Professor Liliana Dat, the curator of his first painting exhibition, says about Dragoș and his works:

"In a world where speed and technology are at the forefront, I joyfully discover young talents waiting to be seen and, why not, appreciated.

Dragoș, a wonderful child, discovers painting early on, at a tender age, around 5 years old, when children like him play freely in playgrounds, he prefers that his game be done with a brush on canvas. At the age of 6, his first exhibition is organized, where works such as "seascape," "white owl," and many other paintings full of energy, color, and expressiveness can be noticed.

Dragoș discovers the great Stefan Luchian This exhibition was a doorway to what would happen, the little artist finds his inspiration in what surrounds him, in flowers, in the birds that are so dear to him, but the most important thing is that he discovers the great painter Stefan Luchian. The colors used differ depending on the chosen subjects, we discover works in which warm colors are protagonists alongside flowers and animals, or works represented with cool colors, in these representations, blue is the most important.

Our little artist, Dragoș Dobocan, participated in the competition organized by MENSA Romania titled "Smart Romania," and in the last competition he participated in, "Draw Your Peaceful Dream," he won first prize. The awarded work is the artist's original representation... flowers chained around the globe represented themselves as an adorable flower.

Our little artist sets off with a considerable baggage of works that, over time, will bring him the deserved recognition and appreciation," according to curator Professor Liliana Dat.




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